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Track devices with LockItTight

For Everyone

Where's my phone?
GPS location of all your personal computers and phones, their locations and usages...

For Parents

Concerned about the devices on your children?
Protect them with In/Out of zone alerts, browsing history, site blocking, app monitoring ...

For IT managers

Managing lots of devices for a school, a library or a businesses?
LockItTight made it easy for you to keep track of them, request reports and apply settings to all with one click...

Core Features

All devices

Wide location

Location Tracking

Zone alert

In/out Zone Alert


Wide apps

App tracking


Wide screen

Screen Captures

Wide camera

Camera Shots

Wide keys

Key Logger

Wide clipboard

Clipboard Logger

Wide browser history

Browsing History

Wide blocked

Site Blocking

Pricing Plans

Competitive pricing plans to suit your needs



up to 5 devices

  • 25 saved reports
  • Report every 5 minutes
  • On-demand Report
  • Encrypted reports


           billed monthly

           billed annually

  • 100 saved reports
  • Report every 5 minutes
  • On-demand Report
  • Encrypted reports


           billed monthly

           billed annually

  • 500 saved reports
  • Report every 2 minutes
  • On-demand Report
  • Encrypted reports


           billed monthly

           billed annually

  • 1000 saved reports
  • Report every 1 minutes
  • On-demand Report
  • Encrypted reports

All Plans  include

30 day free trial // 90 day money back guarantee // email support // migration Help

Get Started

Easy steps to get started

Sign up an account

Use free plan for as long as you want to.
Upgrade to a paid plan any time for more reports.
Switch back the the free plan anytime.

Sign Up

Start tracking app on your devices

Install the client software on your devices
Run the client and register to your account

Get reports

Check reports in your account from any computer
Get alert emails

Check Reports


Frequently Asked Questions

LockItTight (LiT for short) provides computer tracking and monitoring services for assets tracking, theft recovery assistance and parental control purpose.

After you sign up, and install the client software on your computer, the client software will consistently report locations, screen captures, webcam shots, key logs, clipboard messages, and browser history from your computers and phones your account on server. You can access the reports using a browser.

For Android phones, you get location tracking, photos taken, call and text logging.
There is a basic service available for everyone, free of charge. We have also introduced paid services with more devices per user, higher report frequency, full size screen shots, and move saved reports. Please review the details and pricing plans
You can send emails to Please provide your account email address or login for speedier help.
You may download the client installer and follow the very easy guide to install it.
The client software will be automatically un-installed shortly after you delete a device from your account on the server. You can delete a device by clicking the unregister link on the settings page of that device.
The client software automatically updates itself to the latest version we post on our server. In case there are problems with the automatic updating, you may also download the latest client software and install it manually.
When wifi is not available on the computer, turned off, or the surrounding wi-fi signals are insufficient, the positioning method falls back to IP geo-mapping, which is much less accurate.

We use Skyhook’s WPS (WiFi Positioning System) for locating the computers. The coverage of Skyhook WPS is usually very accurate in most part of North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia. Skyhook is constantly improving their geo-mapping database for other areas in the world. However, it’s a huge task and it takes time.

If your area does not have good Shyhook coverage, even if you have wi-fi signals, you may not get accurate location, since the location of the wi-fi routers may not be available for the calculation. You can check the wi-fi coverage in your area here.

A quicker way to improve the accuracy now is to submit the location of your wi-fi access points to Skyhook. This would benefit all who uses Skyhook for location based applications including LockItTight. The more people submit locations, the more accurate the locations will be for that area.
You can help us spread the word out. We have three reward programs:
  • 35% commission through a 3rd party affiliation program with ShareASales
  • Enterprise installation referral, 35% percent of commission on sales. Send the enterprise installation information page to potential customers and contact us at

You can register devices using the account token instead. The account token can only be used to register devices. It cannot be used to view reports. To use it, just run the installer, enter the token in the "Email address" box and leave the "Password" box blank. You can find your account token in "My Account"
Yes, the installer can run in a command window or script silently without any prompt.

LockItTight_Windows_3.5.0.3493.exe /S /TOKEN="your account token"

You can find your account token in "My Account"


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99% of our customers recommend us!

"Wow, you guys are good! We chose your service instead of Absolute’s Computrace, Prey, Laptop Cop and GadgetTrak as alternatives. "

Eric Genrich/ IT Librarian

"We have recommended your product to 2 other school districts in southwest Iowa !"

Henry Devito / Technology Department

"I no longer worry about losing my phone"

Charlie Z.

"The location feature is surprisingly accurate, even without a GPS on the computer!"

Dominh Chanh

"Hidden, accurate, secure, compact."

N. Hattan

"My son and I agree to use LockItTight on his computer and phone to hold his online activity accoutable"

Xiang W. / Parent

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Precise tracking / Complete monitoring / Online protection / Free Plan!