When wifi is not available on the computer, turned off, or the surrounding wi-fi signals are insufficient, the positioning method falls back to IP geo-mapping, which is much less accurate.

We use Skyhook’s WPS (WiFi Positioning System) for locating the computers. The coverage of Skyhook WPS is usually very accurate in most part of North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia. Skyhook is constantly improving their geo-mapping database for other areas in the world. However, it’s a huge task and it takes time.

If your area does not have good Shyhook coverage, even if you have wi-fi signals, you may not get accurate location, since the location of the wi-fi routers may not be available for the calculation. You can check the wi-fi coverage in your area here.

A quicker way to improve the accuracy now is to submit the location of your wi-fi access points to Skyhook. This would benefit all who uses Skyhook for location based applications including LockItTight. The more people submit locations, the more accurate the locations will be for that area.