About LockItTight

LockItTight lets you precisely location and monitor your computers through LockItTight.com.

After you sign up the free service on LockItTight.com and install the client software on your computer, it will consistently report its location, screen and webcam shots, key and clipboard logs to LockItTight.com. Computerlock transparent

You can access the reports from any computer. In case your computer was lost or stolen, you will be able to find where it is, who is using it and how. With all this information, the chance of retrieving your lost computer is greatly increased.

What's more, you can retrieve and delete files from your lost computer.

If you are concerned about privacy, we have provided a device configuration page on which you may choose to turn off the reports after the client software is registered with LockItTight server. You can always turn them back on to locate and and monitor your computer, even after after it is lost or stolen.

For maximum privacy protectoin, you can choose to encrypt your reports before it is sent to the server.

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About Timeon Technologies

We (Timeon Technologies LLC) are a technology start-up company based in San Diego, California, founded by a group of senior developers and engineers. Our focus is to provide our customers innovative and useful products and services, which are either missed or left out on purpose by big fish (GOOG, MSFT…). LockItTight is one service out of a line of projects targeting to free or paid service, whichever makes sense. Visit our corporate website http://www.timeontech.com for more information.

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