Dedicated Enterprise Server

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Lots of devices

So you have lots of computers and devices to monitor for your schools, offices, or libraries etc. We can help.
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Going everywhere

They may go pretty mobile. You want to know where they are and how they are being used.
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Track them all with LockItTight !

Track and monitor them all with your own enterprise LockItTight server. Contact us at support@LockItTight.comor call us at (858)633-6555"

Licencing model

Monthly on our server

Easiest to setup. Just sign up and use. Check the pricing, and discount info

$1.99 ~ $9.99 /mo/device

Monthly on your server

Does your orgnization mandate that your data stays your site? Do you need more flexible service levels? No problem,we install/configure/test your private LockItTight server for you for $2,000

$4.99 /mo/device

Lifetime on your server

Prefer a buy-out? For $49,999 for lifetime.

Contact us or call us at (858)633-6555. Consider this model if you have a huge number of devices, or plan to run your own brand using our product.
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Technical reviews

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Valued Customers

Fairfield County District Library

Lancaster, Ohio
Hosted service

United States Probation Office

Southern District of Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
On trial since 2012

Brown County Library

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Hosted service since 2011
Wow, you guys are good! We chose your service instead of Absolute’s Computrace, Prey, Laptop Cop and GadgetTrak as alternatives. -- Eric Genrich, IT Librarian

Red Oak Community School District

Red Oak, Iowa
Installed service since 2012
We have recommended your product to 2 other school districts in southwest Iowa !
-- Henry Devito, Technology Department

Johnson City Power Board

Johnson City, Tennessee
Hosted service since 2012

Green Leaf Professional Services, Inc

Rochester, New York

Hibbert & McGee

East Barre, Vermont

Broad Creek Marina

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Milpitas, California


Los Angeles, California

Vulcan Technologies

Subiaco, Australia

IMRB International

United Kingdom

Missouri Bullet Company

Kingsville, Missouri

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