Now you are not only able to monitor your computer but also your Android smart phone and tablet. service provide the following features to help you monitor your Android devices so that you will be able to retrieve it back.

Geo-Location Tracking

Powered by Google's GPS/WiFi positioning engine, you can accurately locate your device on Google map. You’d be amazed by the precision of the mapping!

Call Logging

The information of each incoming and outgoing call is logged and sent to server.

SMS Logging

Every incoming and outgoing Short Message (SMS) is logged and sent to server.

Camera Logging

You can choose to log every camera shots automatically. It is a powerful monitoring tool as well as a useful photo management tool.

Browsing history

Every site browsed to is reported.

App list

Report list of all apps on the phone.

Where to download

You can search "LockItTight" in Android Market or use the following link to download and install LockItTight Android Client.


Currently LockItTight Android client only supports Android version 2.2 and up.