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LockItTight lets you precisely track and monitor your computers and phones through LockItTight.com. Simple and easy, all in one place, 24/7.

extensive computer activity report
        Android app is here !
extensive computer activity report
            supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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How does it work?

  1. Sign up a free account on LockItTight.com.
  2. Install the tiny quiet agent on each of your computers and phones.
  3. View reports on LockItTight.com: location, screen, webcam, key logs, browser history ...

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User Testimonies

5 start lockittight Super monitor on Android Very stable on my LG Optimus. I no longer worry about losing my phone. - An Android user
5 start lockittight Excellent This software has a lot of features I've never seen for an Android application. It logs locations so you can find your phone even if it has died. - An Android user
5 start lockittight Works great !!! Best monitoring app I have ever used. Great features and reliability. - An Android user
5 start lockittight Great! i am happy I feel safe when using this service. Thanks so much! - nhattan0805 on Cnet
5 start lockittight Very good! The included keylogger is great. The location feature is surprisingly accurate, even without a GPS device on board. - saw11_2000 on Cnet
5 start lockittight Essential software for my computer I think it is easy to use and neccessary for me. Morever it is free software, so i can save my money. - mar158 on Cnet
5 start lockittight Best software Hidden, accuracy, security, compact. - nhattanla on Cnet
5 start lockittight The best software It can work hidden. Does not save information on your computer. - dominhchanh on Cnet

Business Customers

United States Probation Office

Southern District of Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
On trial since 2012

Brown County Library

Green Bay, Wisconsin
Hosted service since 2011
Wow, you guys are good! We chose your service instead of Absolute’s Computrace, Prey, Laptop Cop and GadgetTrak as alternatives. -- Eric Genrich, IT Librarian

Fairfield County District Library

Lancaster, Ohio
Hosted service

Red Oak Community School District

Red Oak, Iowa
Installed service since 2012
We have recommended your product to 2 other school districts in southwest Iowa !
-- Henry Devito, Technology Department

Johnson City Power Board

Johnson City, Tennessee
Hosted service since 2012

Green Leaf Professional Services, Inc

Rochester, New York

Hibbert & McGee

East Barre, Vermont

G&P Quality Management

Gent-Zeehaven, Belgium

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