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LockItTight lets you precisely track and monitor your computers and phones through Simple and easy, all in one place, 24/7.

extensive computer activity report
        Android app is here !
extensive computer activity report
            supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8

extensive computer activity report

Extensive reports

You name it, all activities on the PC are reportable to the server.

  • IP mapping + Wifi geo-location
  • Screen captures
  • Camera shots
  • Key logging
  • Clipboard logging
  • File retrieving/deletion
  • Browser history
  • Website blocking

The Android client provides

  • GPS + Wifi geo-location
  • Realtime voice call logs
  • Realtime text messaging logs
  • Send photo taken to server
  • Browsing history
  • App list
extensive computer activity report

Feather light, silent

Once installed on your computer, the LockItTight client software retreats to the background, silently doing its job. (You never need to see it)

  • Quitely sleeping most of the time
  • Briefly waking up
  • Collecting reports instructed by the server
  • Sending reports to the server when an Internet connection is available
  • Auto updating itself to the latest version
  • Uninstalling itself upon user's instruction through the server
  • Feather light, super low system resource usage
extensive computer activity report

Remote access

Everything can be done remotely in your account on

  • Turn on/off any type of reports
  • Enable/Disable encryption
  • Set location sensitivity
  • Change report interval
  • Review reports
  • Delete reports
  • Lock reports of interest so they won't be overwritten by new reports
  • Unlock reports to give room for more new reports
  • Retrieval files
  • Delete files
  • Uninstall the client software simply by deleting the device in your account

extensive computer activity report

Remote Control

LockItTight is integrated with the popular free remote control software LogMeIn, which provides remote desktop access over the Internet. If you computer has LogMeIn installed, a direct "remote control" button will be available for the computer in your account on This feature is especially useful when you have multiple computers to monitor and control.

extensive computer activity report

Encrypted reports

(For paid users, not available to free accounts)
  • All reports are encrypted before they leave your computer
  • Reports stay encrypted on the server
  • Reports are decrypted in the browser
  • Only you know your account password
  • Your reports are safe even if our server is compromised
  • No one else can view your reports
  • Not even our system adminstrators or developers
  • Most secure AES encryption algoritm
  • Mathematially guaranteed !
extensive computer activity report


If you have hundreds of computers to minitor, you only need to install it once, get the disk image, and all other computers installed from that image will report to your account.

Each computer appears individually in your account.